Khaz - hour peghi eight

Hour Peghi Eight (pronounced as “arpeggiate”) has been in the making for over a decade.
The album is a summary of love, hardship, regret, and hope, from events as far back as the start of a new marriage, to the heartache of letting go after a long term relationship failed to work out.
This is a truly solo artist project, with Khaz being the only artist involved with all aspects including writing, singing, production, and even mastering and album artwork.
At 8 songs, and 39 mins long, it is a true vocal sonic journey with all the tracks seamlessly blending in and out of each other.


Track List

  1. Strung

  2. Take It Slow

  3. Retrospectfully Yours

  4. Dusty

  5. Embrace

  6. Falling

  7. The Way Up

  8. Lost Diamonds