songwriter, vocalist, musician, producer, and DJ.

Khaz has been creating music as a solo artist for most of his life starting at 6 years old.
As emotions and equipment constantly became more complex throughout the years, so did his music writing and production.
To date, Khaz has well over 1,000 original written bodies of work, going as far back as the early 90’s.

Earlier on, Khaz was a core member of the band Departure and shared the lead vocal/writing role with Zubin Mowlavi.
Departure had many chart topping tracks with DJ/Producer Markus Schulz, including “Cause You know” which was an original Khaz work and includes his lead vocals.
After departing Departure, Khaz collaborated with many artists including Markus Schulz, Gabriel & Dresden, TyDi, and Susana.
Khaz is frequently in a producer roll with many other artists.

Releases under: Armada Records, Coldharbor Records, Different Pieces, Organized Nature, Ultra Records, Global Soundsystem Records, and the newly created Khaz Records.